Puffin Browser Version

Puffin Browser Version
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Puffin Browser is a web browsing  app which provide a high speed browsing. It is almost similar to that of Google Chrome. Compared with other browsing apps, Puffin Browser provide the user with high speed browsing. It is one of the standard application browser for Android. Puffin Browser also support Adobe Flash content and its features.

Puffin Browser was developed by Cloud Mosa an American based company. It allows a user with fast browsing and also provide plenty of options and unique features.Puffin Browser is having more speed when compared with that of Chrome, UC browser etc..

Some highlighted features of Puffin Browser with details:-
  • Safe & Secure:- Puffin Browser enable a cloud protection to the users. All the traffic from server to Puffin Browser is encrypted so there is no chance of hacking. Because of this feature, it is also safe to use public WiFi even if the connection is non secure.
  • Fast browsing:- Puffin Browser provide  user with speed browsing.  The web page we demand is loaded in super fast speed in our phones or tablets because the way they handle the traffic source. There is a dedicated cloud server which is operated by the developers so that the workload of our device is shifted to that.
  • Data saver:- A smart algorithm is used by Puffin Browser. By this feature it saves the bandwidth and compress the web pages. Puffin Browser can save almost upto Ninety percent of bandwidth.
  • Latest Flash:- The developers of Puffin Browser are continuously boosting their performance so that the users get a unique and experienced web browsing. The user can get the latest version of Flash through Puffin Browser. Flash player can be downloaded and installed through this browser. Flash games can also be controlled easily through this. It is controlled by virtual game pad and track pad.
  • Save Space:- All things which the user is downloaded is stored directly to Puffin cloud so that our device space can be utilized for other purposes and we get enough space in our phone.
Final Words- Puffin Browser is considered as the speediest browsing app. The pages we search is loaded in an incredible speed. We can also select our favorite themes for sidebar and toolbar. Once a person used Puffin browser they will never choose other browsing app because of the speed they provide. For easy download of Puffin Browser, click the button provided below:

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