Ola App Version 4.9.9

Ola App Version 4.9.9
Ola App Version 4.9.9 | ProAppApk

Ola is an app that offers its millions of customers with an easier, comfortable and affordable and also fast booking of a ride.  Earlier we should wait for a taxi for long or we should move to a taxi stand to get a taxi. But with Ola, we need not wait or run around to book a cab. The only thing you need to do is to download the Ola app on your phone and book for a cab with the destination point. The cab will be available for us at any time anywhere.

Ola was developed by Bhavish Agarwal and it is owned by ANI technologies Pvt Ltd. Now, most people in India depend upon Ola for a comfortable ride. Ola is also now available internationally in 3 countries that is Australia, UK, and New Zealand. Ola uses GPS tracking to know the user's location, where to pick the customer and the full traveling route, can be tracked with the help of GPS. The user also gets the option to choose their vehicle for comfort traveling. There are economy vehicles and also luxury vehicles for users to select.

Some highlighted features of Ola app with details:

  • Support and Safety: Ola gives top priority for the support and safety of their customer. Since GPS is available, we are able to track each ride, we can also share our location with our loved ones so that they will know where we are and when we reach the preferred location. 
  • Ola bike: Now Ola has introduced Ola bike service also. If a customer is alone and if he doesn't require a car there is an option for them to select Ola Bike. Once we book the bike online within a few minutes Bike will be ready at our location with the driver and extra helmet. Ola is also providing accident insurance for users.
  • Built-in maps: Ola app is having built-in maps along with the app we install. So when the Ola customer books their cab they can set their destination location where they need to go while booking the cab. This information will also be saved with the driver.  So the customer need not bother about prompting the direction ones he is in the cab. 
  • Multiple payment methods: Ola provides users with multiple payment methods. The Ola customer can pay their amount through credit card, debit card, cash, Paytm, Ola Money, etc. They also provide the customer with offers and promo codes so that the customer can avail discounts on their rides. 
  • Offer for drivers: Ola provides various offers for drivers. Anyone who has a driving license and valued address documents can get a job in the Ola group easily. If we have a car, we can even give our car for rent through Ola.
Final Words: There are many more features available in the Ola app. Ola gives offers for both users and drivers. Ola is now considered as the most popular cab booking service after Uber.  Ola also provides users with Ola Pool service by which an Ola customer can share their cab with other user and the rates will be also less compared with the economy ride. A customer can also order food through Ola. Ola is having tie-ups with many restaurants and when the customer book an order with Ola they avail the maximum discount for the food they order. Ola always comes with a new feature on every update. For easy download of Ola app, click the button provided below:

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