Google Drive Version 2.19.372.02.44

Google Drive Version 2.19.372.02.44
Google Drive Version 2.19.372.02.44|ProAppApk

Google Drive is cloud based storage service provided to users to store and access their files and data online for free. Google Drive syncs photos, documents, files and much more to the users phone, tablets or even to PC.

Google Drive is a free online storage tool which was developed by Google LLC. It is a safe and secure place for storing all our data. All the photos, videos. documents etc that we save in Google Drive is backed up safely so that we never lose any important documents even if our device is lost or damaged. Google Drive main purpose is to expand users ability to store their importance documents, pics, videos etc beyond the limit of user hard drive.

Some highlighted features of Google Drive with details:
  • Easy sign up : We can easily get signed in to Google Drive by just creating a google account. By creating a account in google we also get access to Gmail, Drive, Google Play and also other services provided by Google.
  • Storage facility: We can store upto 15GB of our data in Google Drive and that to with free of cost. And this facility is available in mobile and in desktop. Presentations can be saved in Google Drive for business purposes and it is highly secured. All types of files and data can be stored in Drive. If we save most of our data and documents in drive our phone will get more free space.
  • Security of data: The data stored in Google Drive is highly protected and safe in drive. SSL encryption service is used by Google to protect the data which is saved in Google Drive
  • Scanning and Offline operations: Android users can use Google Drive to scan their paper files and documents. User can scan their important documents like receipts, statements, etc into the drive. These files can be accessed by users even if they are offline. 
  • Google Photos: All personal and important photos can be stored safely in Google Drive. There is also option for editing, setting animation etc and can be shared the photos to our friends or families directly from drive.
Final Words: Google Drive is a popular and most downloaded tool for storing our important document safely and securely. Whenever we require we can view our content which is saved in drive quickly and can be used offline also. User can even set their settings on who can access, view or comment accordingly. For easy download of Google Drive, click the button provided below:

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